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Yangpu Port is located in the Yangpu peninsula - northwest of Hainan Province, at 109°12’ east longitude and 19° 44’ north latitude. It is situated between Haikou Port and Basuo Port. Known for its "deep-water,wind shelter, small amount of siltation, long available coastline, and natural deep-water port", Yangpu Port is a deep water port with the best natural conditions in Hainan and positioned as a major regional port in the overall port layout plans by the Ministry of Transport. It is a public port under State Category I.

Currently the port has 9 berths and total wharf length of 1,696m. In Phase I, there are one 3,000 dwt berth and two 35,000 dwt berths, all with 10.8m alongside draft. In Phase II, there are one 50,000 dwt multi-purpose berth and two 50,000 dwt container vessel berths, all with 12.3m alongside draft. In Phase III, there are three 50,000 dwt multi-purpose berths with 13.5m alongside draft. Total designed capacity of 7.604 million tons per annum.

At present, there are 5 warehouses (including 1 bonded warehouse) with a total area of 32,000 m2. The total area of storage yards reaches 496,000 m2, of which 138,000 m2 are for container storage and 308,000 m2 are for general and bulk cargos. There are close to 200 sets of equipment for utilization. The main cargo handling includes containers, coal, iron ore, and cement clinkers.

The passage of Yangpu Port is 8.1km long in total, 100m wide at the bottom, and -9.2m long from the bottom. 20,000-ton vessels can enter the port at any time without having to take the tide.

The depth of the water in the port basin ranges from -10.8m to -13.5m. The channel turning clearance is 400m in diameter at berths 3 to 5, 475m (long) and 380m (short) in diameter at berths 6 to 8. When coincide with the right tide, port is able to berth fully loaded 40,000~50,000dwt vessels. Port recorded a berthing of a 57,000 dwt vessel.

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