SDIC Jurong Yangpu Port CO.,LTD.

Bulk Cargo Handling Business

Wharf Status

SDIC Yangpu Port is a public port under State Category I. Currently it has 8 general cargo berths, including two 20,000-ton multi-purpose berths (draft of 10.8m and able to berth vessel type up to 35,000 dwt), two 35,000-ton universal general cargo berths, and one 3,000-ton vessel berth. Phase III was commissioned in 2008, adding three 50,000-ton bulk cargo berths (draft of 13.5m, basin 65m wide, vessel type up to 50,000 dwt) and able to berth up to 57,000-ton bulk-cargo vessel during high tide. Our port has 378,000㎡ of storage yards for bulk and general cargos (193,000㎡ of general cargo storage yards and 185,000㎡of storage yard in Phase III. The safety work-load is 5tons/㎡).

Equipment Conditions

The port has: 19 level luffing cranes (outreach of 35m and maximum load of 40tons), 11 mobile boom lift (maximum load of 25tons), 21 trucks, 30 flatbed trucks, 15 loaders, 5 bulldozers (51.5KW), 20 forklifts, and 3 front loaders (WA380-3MAX).

Types of Bulk

Coal, iron core, cement clinkers, calcite, etc.

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