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Container handling business

As a public port under State Category I, and known for its "deep-water, wind shelter, small amount of siltation, and long available coastline", SDIC Jurong Yangpu Port is a deep water port with the best natural conditions in Hainan, an important marine gateway of the industrial corridor in the northwest of Hainan and an important regional port in the overall port layout plans by the Ministry of Transport. With the establishment of the bonded area, the container throughput of our port has also increased year by year.

Berth Conditions:

SDIC Jurong Yangpu Port has: two 50,000 dwt container vessel berths, Berth 3 and 4, as well as one 50,000 dwt multi-purpose, Berth 5. All the berths are located in the Yangpu port bonded area. The passage is -9.2m deep and 100m wide. The channel turning clearance is -9.2m deep, with a diameter of 400m. The alongside draft is -12.3m deep. The highest tide is 4.06m and the lowest tide is 0.24m. The average high tide is 2.76m and the average low tide is 1.10m.

Storage Yard Conditions: Currently, there are Yard number 3, 4, and 5, located behind Berth 3, 4, and 5 respectively. The storage yard area of Yard number 3, 4 and 5 are 69,000㎡, 70,000㎡and 58,000㎡ respectively, and the total area reaches about 197,000 ㎡.

Machinery Conditions: Current port equipment fleet: one 50T-45m quay crane, three 45T-40m quay cranes, one diesel 41T RTG, six electricity 41T RTGs, five container reach stackers, four empty container handler, twenty four container trucks, as well as one 40T and one 16T level luffing cranes for auxiliary operations.

Vessel handling per hour:

The average load and unload efficiency per bridge is 30U/h.

Container Routes

China Shipping: Yangpu- NanshaGuangzhou-Yangpu, Ho Chi Minh-Yangpu-Qinzhou-Shekou-Yantian- Ho Chi Minh- Bangkok- Laem Chabang- Sihanoukville
Wuzhou: Yangpu—Hong Kong-Yangpu
COSCO: Yangpu-Nansha-Gaolan-Haikou-Yangpu, Yangpu—Hong Kong-Yangpu
Zhonggu: Yangpu-Nansha-Yangpu, Yangpu—Qinzhou-Yangpu, Yangpu—Xiamen-Yangpu

Smart Container System

Currently, our port uses the container terminal management system developed by Yantai Huadong Soft-Tech Co., Ltd. tailored according to the actual situation of SDIC Yangpu Port. Accompanied by the wireless vehicle-borne terminal and the hand-held terminal, the system operation has become more direct and real-time to a great extent.

Information sharing between enterprises and functional departments has been realized through the information platform of the Yangpu port bonded area so that it has become more convenient for clients to find out updated cargo information in a timely manner.

Service Types:

We provide various services such as container handling, storage, stuffing/un-stuffing, repair, inland transportation, as well as heavy and extra-large cargo handling and storage.

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